Dani Razooqi Bio, Wife, Nationality, Net worth

Dani Razooqi is a TikTok star and social media personality known for uploading videos of himself making rolled ice cream. According to online reports, he works at his family’s Choco Mania Cafe.

Dani Razooqi Profile

NameDani Razooqi
Date of birthJune 3, 2001
Net worth$200,000

Dani Razooqi Bio

Born on June 3, 2001, in Iraq, his zodiac sign is Gemini and he is 21 years. There is no information about his family but they moved to the United States in 2012 due to insurgency. They usually appear in his videos and a majority of his videos are produced in his family business.

He was a medical student at  Oakland University before he started sharing videos on TikTok. His mom was featured in his Instagram post which he captioned Letting my mom make rolled ice cream for the first time but I can’t teach her.

Dani Razooqi Social Media

His TikTok account with the username @danirazooqi has over 3 million followers and over 160 million likes. On Instagram, his account with the username @danirazooqi has over 99k followers though it is not verified.

Dani Razooqi Youtube

His Youtube account Dani Razooqi was created on Aug 13, 2019, and it has over 1 billion views and over 2 million subscribers. His popular videos have views of 300k and above with the most viewed video titled Reading hate comments.

Dani Razooqi Relationship

As we speak, he is currently single as he is focusing on his career right now. Once there is a change in his relationship status. this article would be updated immediately.

Dani Razooqi Net worth

He makes his money from ads displayed on his Youtube channel. He can also make money from endorsements since he is a public figure. He has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

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