We are currently welcoming submissions for issue 03. Click here for more details.

In our next issue we are particularly interested in publishing writing on the following topics:

Health and architecture
Psychiatry and philosophy
Health leadership in New Zealand
Antibiotic resistance and the psychology of prescribing
The economics of universal healthcare
The sick role and allocation of sickness benefit
Climate change and health
Existential implications of surgical experience e.g removal of body parts
Theoretical biology and its role within medical education 

Enduring themes:

Stories/prose/poetry of patient experience
Improving Māori and Pacific health
Experiences of minorities within the healthcare system
Sociological reflections on healthcare interactions
Changing expectations on doctors and how we may respond  

Please refer to our submission guidelines before sending work to atlasliteraryjournal@gmail.com

Editor: Helen Ker
instagram: @atlasliteraryjournal