Atlas is a journal encouraging lateral thought and creativity in medicine.

The journal offers an alternative to the usual scientific discourse that surrounds our bodies. It hopes to shift our medical conversations away from the rigid and prescriptive to a literary form that celebrates our complexities. Atlas encourages doctors, writers and patients to share in their experiences of medicine and the human body outside of the clinic. It also offers a space for critical discussion about the health care system and its users.

Our first two issues were published in print and sold in bookstores around New Zealand. Our third issue is available online alongside selected texts from previous issues.

The journal is a non-profit project made possible through the Jacob Beck Jaffurs Scholarship, Creative New Zealand, and the NZMSA Student Innovation Fund. The project was begun by Helen Ker and wouldn’t be possible without all the support of our wonderful contributors and the medical community.

Helen Ker

Print design
Lily Paris West

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Grant Priest

With special thanks to
Bruce Arroll, John Kennelly, H. R. Sorenson and T. Clark Brelje.

All images in the journal and on the website are either our own or come from the histology collection of R. Sorenson and T. Clark Brelje at histologyguide.org unless stated otherwise. We thank them for letting us showcase these beautiful images.