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Francis it’s time we talked about the double helix – Atlas

Francis it’s time we talked about the double helix

Kerrin P. Sharpe

and how your ladder
insists I disappear
when I write

even with your hand on my back
I’m a lost tribe even though
I wear the social fabric

of saffron robes and sleep
in the crick of your c-c-code
there is nothing more

than my voice in the room
mornings I eat knitted fish
evenings I shoot dna

in this distant place
of heredity francis

you cannot take the circus
out of the elephant
not after death not
after anything


vital signs


though our engines

can be restarted

at a time later than given


we still remember

an awareness of falling

and talk about the sound


of moving forward in darkness

or was it the light?

like trespassers we cannot


open the gate unless invited

and only this rejection

can give us back


the vital signs surgeons

recognise as life even now

someone in the valley


shouts here I am doc!

and this research begins

Alf remembers nothing


the railway tracks

CPR his broken ribs

now he wears a pouch


so the hospital can watch

his heart think

now he reads the paper faster

Kerrin P. Sharpe’s first book three days in a wishing well was published by Victoria University Press (VUP) in 2012. A group of her poems also appeared in 2013 in the UK publication Oxford Poets 13 (Carcanet). A second book there’s a medical name for this was also published by VUP in 2014 and VUP will also publish her third collection rabbit rabbit in July 2016.