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To Medicine – Atlas

To Medicine

Nick Pak

Dear medicine: sublime beauty, cherished friend; 
how long now spurned by humanities and inducted
into pantheon of sciences? Those cold, hard-hearted sciences, 
concerned not with what could be, but what is not; 
extinguishing flame of hope borne by loving Apollo


One-eyed scientist prodding and probing soulless sack of atoms,
gene machine, oblivious to dying embers of spirit within; 
prescribing best-pill with self-absorbed certainty 
in acts which are great leaps into unknown;
although not acknowledged as such, until head.aches 
and stomach.aches and heart.aches begin


Overbearing logos drives its wedge between one and other:
patient becomes body, bone and blood;
molecules, receptors and genes whose entreaties fall
on deaf ears as blindsight manifests:
then artist doctor appears!


Patient song plucks common chords in belly-ears, gut vibrations;
space between them disappears as golden glow of hope rekindles
Magical incantations provoke strange whirrings within;
stethoscope detects faint fluttering of heart as skepticism shrivels
Be gone, Faustus, with your suffocating certainty:
bring me the magic doctor who heals through soul song